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Frequently asked questions

uniIOTX represents the staked IOTX plus all future staking rewards. uniIOTX does not grow in quantity over time but instead, grows in value, i.e. 1 uniIOTX becomes worth increasingly more than 1 IOTX.

Click 'Connect Wallet' at the top of the page to link your MetaMask to the DAPP. Once connected, the mint/withdraw function for uniIOTX will be available.

Click 'Add to MetaMask' to import the uniIOTX token to MetaMask.

Bedrock on IoTeX blockchain removes several drawbacks that exist with Delegated Proof of Stake on IOTX. We handle all interaction with the IoTeX blockchain in your place. With Bedrock on IoTeX, you instantly get uniIOTX when depositing. It can be traded, sold or held at any time, which provides our users with liquidity on their staked IOTX.

Bedrock has no minimum deposit requirement, allowing everyone to earn rewards on IOTX. By staking IOTX, you'll receive uniIOTX, which gains rewards based on delegate nodes' performance on IOTEX.

There is no maximum deposit amount for IOTX, but we will perform compliance checks on sanctioned addresses.

uniIOTX is built on-chain, and all contracts are open-source and available for anyone to view. Total supply of uniIOTX can be checked and verified via 0x236f8c0a61dA474dB21B693fB2ea7AAB0c803894

IOTX staking contract captures all these information, which can be checked and verified via 0x2c914Ba874D94090Ba0E6F56790bb8Eb6D4C7e5f

Yes. uniIOTX smart contract has been audited by Peckshield. You can find the smart contract audit report for uniIOTX here.

It takes 94 days to unlock your IOTX. After the token is unlocked, you will be able to claim it back to your wallet.

Yes, rewards will also be accumulating during the unstaking period. You will be able to claim the rewards accumulated during this unstaking period anytime as you wish.

Unstaking can be processed in a units of 1 million IOTX.

The APR consists of three components: block reward, foundation reward, and epoch reward.

The validators are selected based on the following criteria: (1) they charge a commission of 5% or less, and (2) their ranking is between 10 and 35

Yes. you can find the white paper for uniIOTX here.